Dynamic Content Specifications

Getting Started

WebInStats Dynamic Content is a powerful, yet simple to use software solution, to manage and analyze your website’s campaigns and banners without programming and coding knowledge. Getting started with this incredible solution takes less than a minute; leaving under your fingers interactive management of your websites banners and campaigns.

Show Your Banners On Any Event

Events are great ways to trigger banner displays on occurrence of certain specified action(s). This software exploits specific events like exit intent,browser close,shake event,resize, page scroll, mouse clicks, etc, to trigger banner displays from point to point.

Labeling Technology

Dynamic Content has the creative ability to label and show your banners to users who have the labels  (such as in this scenario: you can produce a label for people that visit the smart phone merchandise five times but  however didn’t add something to their cart and display banners to those specific people) without being compelled to add any line of code for doing this.

A/B Testing

You can completely create different variety of banners within the same campaign, monitor and ascertain the performance level of each with ability to simultaneously view CPM, Viewability, CPC, CPA, CTR reports screen as regards date, time, zone, campaigns, banners, advertisers, websites, etc.

Smart Limits

As the website administrator, you will have access to limit your banner display count or duration as you deem fit, such as to one thousand times. You can also specify the banner solely to display “X” times per user or per visit. (Also you’ll be able to limit your banner’s CPM, CPC and CPA).

Easily Customizable

Dynamic Content’s flexibility allows you to use one in all thirty completely different varieties of predetermined banners; otherwise you can produce your own banner varieties using the Banner Wizard wherein you can modify font type, size and color, background pictures and colors, add timing, parameters, links, etc. The ability to modify everything you see is magnificent, exciting and allows more room for innovation.


This allows you to set specific parameters for Dynamic Content and customize your banners to exploit the parameters. For instance, you can set your parameters to identify user’s gender or age and show your banners solely to people in such category, e.g. females or children.

Support Each Campaign & Ad Banners

You can run your internal campaign banners and external ad banners at the same time without any hitch or lapse on website performance.

Working With Multiple Websites

With a single WebInstats Dynamic Content Account, you can manage unlimited websites, zones, campaigns in one account and monitor every websites ’ performance severally without any extra or hidden charges.

Instant Preview for Campaign Banner

Dynamic Content allows you to instantly preview your campaign banners before you save them and make alterations if necessary without going live until you are ready to.

Support for Different Banner Types

Dynamic Content supports many alternative varieties of banners like image, flash, text banners, lightweight boxes, ribbons, notifications etc.

Banner Wizard

When not using the presets, the Banner Wizard screen comes handy to assist in the creation of campaign and banners. It’s easy to setup and simple to use. Go ahead and try it, you are gonna love it! .


Dynamic content is light-weight, nevertheless powerful. It won’t bog down your website like an eagle over a hen’s nest but give it wings to fly on.

Multilingual Support

With a global scope of helping websites all over the world grow in quantum irrespective of language variations, WebInstatS Dynamic Content supports different languages around the world such as English, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.


All services provided by us are protected with the foremost up-to-date security measures and apparatus. We often scan our system with Netsparker.

CDN Support

It’s unsurprising to fear that software solutions will slow down your website. However, among WebInstats Dynamic Content fundamentals is performance; with CDN Support framework on all our servers, your websites will rather be optimized for faster rendering rather than being slowed down.

Device & Browser Compatibility

Dynamic Content is compatible with all modern browsers and devices. Our products tested with real browsers on real devices below.

Browser Support

Windows Internet Explorer 6,7,8,9,10,11,Edge, Firefox All versions between 3.6 to latest  version (43.0), Chrome All versions between 15 to latest version (48), Chrome on Android & iOs, Opera All versions between 10.6 to latest version(20), Yandex All versions between 4 to latest version (14.12), Safari All versions between 4 to latest version (9), Android Browser, Iphone/IPAD/IPod Safari from 4 to latest version

Device & OS Support

Iphone from 3 to 6S, Ipad all versions, Samsung Mobile Phones, Nexus 5,6,7, MacOsX devices, Ubuntu, Nokia Lumia 520,630,925,930, HTC One X, One M8 and other versions, Amazon Kindle Fire and other Android devices…

No Additional Code for Ad Zones

At the onset, you merely need to add a couple of lines of JavaScript to your page once without additional codes i.e. your ad zones exploitation, Dynamic Content’s “Ad Zone” screen are produced dynamically without adding any extra code to your website except on installation.