About Push Stats

Push Stats is another amazing product from WebInStats to open more opportunities for your website(s) with the use of web push notifications. Its amazing interface gets you started few minutes after you’ve integrated it into your website. And you don’t need any coding knowledge to use Push Stats; we have got you covered.

What is Web Push Notification?

Lots of websites are getting more visitors and sales for their website due to early adoption of Push Stats. Ready to join them? Then you should get to know about Web Push Notification.

Web Push Notification is a new communication channel similar to Mobile App Push Notifications. But, you don’t need a mobile app to send web push notifications, all you need is your website and Push Stats.

Why Web Push ?

Can you remember the last time you read a marketing email? No! It is not just you alone, a lot of people stopped reading marketing emails as well. Web Push Notifications push the limits by allowing you to send messages to your customers even if your website is not active on their browsers. Besides, it has an average of 15%-20% CTR; much higher than email marketing and other traditional communication channels.

A/B Testing

Web Push Notification has the capabilities to create unlimited versions of A/B Testing and gives you live reports on each version’s impression, viewability, click, notification performance, CTR and other actions such as purchase or registration.


Web Push Notification has an easy to use interface to plan, create, send and manage your notifications. You can create numerous channels and add users to specific channels. You can also send notifications to the channels, to specific channels or particular members of a channel.

Send Push on Action

You can set and send push notifications based on user’s actions on your website (sign up, add to cart, order or purchase, etc.). You can create A/B test to monitor the clicks and performance of each push notification in real-time.

Real-time Reports

You don’t have to wait for minutes to get analytic reports of impression, viewability, clicks, actions (goals), CTR as all reports are in real-time.

Browser Support

Push Stats is built to work with previous and latest versions of Firefox and Chrome Browsers. It also supports mobile versions of both browsers. Although we recommend having your website SSL certified, Web Push Stats will nonetheless enable you to send push notifications in the absence of a SSL certificate.


Push Stats reports in real-time with comprehensive reporting screens. It can be seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics and Site Catalyst to get more detailed reports. It can also be integrated with Dynamic Content to display personalized banners to your users alongside notifications you send them.


Service and security are our watchwords at WebInStats. Push Stats is protected with the foremost and up-to-date security measures and apparatus such as Netsparker and Enforsec.

You can also secure your account using the two-way authentication method for all WebInStats products (Push Stats inclusive). Once you install the Authenticator app to your smartphone, you can enable the two-way authentication on your account with one click to secure your account.


Push Stats is only a 16KB Javascript file (compressed and gzipped). Once you add the Javascript file to your website, you have integrated the duo of Push Stats and Dynamic Content. Push Stats is a small but mighty website solution you need today!

Multilingual Support

Irrespective of language variations, Push Stats supports different languages around the world such as English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.